Learn about how to braid healthy others into your life

Dedicated to the millions of people whose brain destiny was determined before they took a first breath.

We use our Live Abilities
to get out of the 'Dis-world.

Ideas to help persons with FASDs live healthy and purposeful lives.

The latest information about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders from CDC

So what?
You have FASD, so do we

Just because you are diagnosed with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) does not make you less of a human being.

Sure, we have more struggles.
Yes, we have to work harder to learn things.

And that makes us stronger and courageous. It means we learn to work harder to live in this world not 'dis world. That's why we came up with the term Live Abilities.

Can you say, "Self, I have some challenges. There are some things that I can not do right now, but I want to learn and grow and do!"

The Change Agents at Live Abilities will help you do that! Join us!

What is Live Abilities?

Liz Kulp, advocate and motivational speaker for fetal alcoholMy name is Liz Kulp and I believe that how we are born is 'normal' to us, regardless what others say about it! It may be different from many other people, but it is what we know.

Who can explain to a blind person how to see? Does that mean since a blind person can see their world fully in the dark that a person with vision is handicapped and needs lamps. Each person will need a different abilities to live a successful life. Some people use hearing aids or eye glasses. Others ride the bus because they do not drive. I would call a car a Live Ability for a person who can drive.

I don't know too many people that do not live with the challenges of FASD who are willing to understand our world... so guys... we ARE THE EXPERTS... and we HAVE TO HELP EACH OTHER!

The Best I Can Be by Liz KulpTIP #1- Be honest with yourself about how your FASD affects your life.

TIP #2 - Meet some of us who have been around hard times and use some of our ideas to stay safe.

TIP #3 - SHARE your ideas with us so we can spread the word to MAKE A DIFFERENCE - We believe in success!

Best I Can Be Now Translated into Russian and Ukrainian